About HomeCorp


  • We are an Accredited Management Organization (AMO). Buying, Managing, Developing, Redeveloping, Selling.
  • We are investors, owners, marketers. A highly-motivated and experienced team, involved nationwide.
  • We are people, working with people, serving people — successful over and over again.


At HomeCorp our marketing is never “me too”.  Instead, it is outstanding.  And that means more than just correct positioning and targeted creative.  It means we carry the selling concept through at every level: staff, ads, signage, landscaping, models, brochures – even social activities.


Our approach is to treat each property individually – because no two are ever alike. Each has its own occupancy, income and budgetary objectives to be reached, each has a unique competitive environment which must be dealt with, and each has pluses and minuses.

Where one property needs fine tuning, another may require an overhaul. Where one benefits from a change in personnel, another may only need to have its personnel fired up. Where increasing rents proves profitable for one, lowering expenses works for another.

The examples are many, but the point is this: it takes an experienced, professional management team to evaluate each property’s strengths and weaknesses, formulate an aggressive, imaginative plan of action, and put it to work.

Over the years, we’ve honed these skills to a fine edge, learning that dynamic, ever-changing market conditions demand far more than a caretaker attitude toward our properties.


The right on-site personnel don’t just walk in off the streets and start working.  First, we recruit people according to the needs of each property.  Then we give them training that’s intense, thorough – and continuous.  But for the property to really succeed, these people must be motivated.

If any one factor could be singled out as contributing most to our successes, it would have to be our ability to manage and motivate personnel. Call it psychology, call it a knack, call it expertise in human relations. Whether they are managers or people who mow the lawn, our people are confident, relaxed and enthusiastic about their jobs – as eager as we are to make their properties as successful as possible.


We are one of America’s larger national multifamily housing companies.  We work as a team – with a most extraordinary success record.  We have succeeded in both business climates – boom and bust – and have an approach for every season.

In addition, we have that unique knack of relating to people, of knowing how to work with people, of knowing what people want and how they are best served.

Which is why we say, “We’re a company at home with people”.

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